Monday, June 28

Third Hearing Day

We're celebrating tonight! What an amazing three years it has been, full of listening, games, playing and fun. It's been lots and lots of hard work; days spent in hospital offices, with therapists, audiologists and at all day pre-school. Drew's progress has been nothing short of amazing and we're thankful everyday for his gift of hearing. And listening. And speaking. And communication.

We captured a little video of Drew tonight to mark this third hearing anniversary.

Happy Hearing Day Drew! We are so thankful that you are such a happy, loving and hardworking little boy. We are so lucky to be your Mommy and Daddy!

Wednesday, June 23

Nearly Three Years

It has been nearly three years since Drew's cochlear implants were first activated - and what a journey it has been! Here are some of my favorite videos from the past three years.

Sunday, June 20


Drew is very excited this evening - he begins soccer (and basketball, football and t-ball) lessons in the morning!

Drew has been asking, for probably close to a year now, to take soccer lessons, and we've finally signed him up! It's not that we haven't wanted to enroll him, but this is the first summer that he is old enough to participate in a program in our community. We could have enrolled him last summer in lessons, but they would have been nearly 30 minutes away!

We're very excited that Drew is going to be able to participate in a program just like all of the kids in our neighborhood - with no accommodations! I'll brief the instructor in the morning about CI's and what to do if one falls off; I'll let them know that they may have to repeat instructions for Drew, and that background noise can be a bit of a problem. Other than that, he'll be good to go.

I have a feeling he is going to have a great day tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 15

Summer Therapy

I've struggled quite a bit with what to do for Drew this summer in terms of therapy. What does he need? Who can provide it? What is he eligible for?

The unfortunate thing is that now that he is on an IEP he is not eligible for Extended School Year services. In order for our school district to provide summer services, we would have to demonstrate that Drew would have a significant reduction in his current performance level by not having services in the summer. That obviously isn't the case, so he isn't entitled to any school based services. (The reason being that all kids regress some during the summer months, and special needs kids should not be subject to services that peer students are not, unless the special need student would regress more than a peer. Basically, the summer months are not a time to "catch up" because it isn't fair to peers. Blah. Blah. Blah.)

So, we're left in this little area of doing well, but trying not to let the summer months lead to a large reduction in speech and language. So, what is right? Luckily we were informed about a grant that is provided through Drew's Preschool specifically for deaf and hard of hearing children. Drew was accepted to the grant program and will receive six hours of auditory therapy this summer. We're really excited about this formal therapy.

Other than the six hours of formal therapy, Drew's Dad and I signed Drew up for the preschool summer reading program through our local library, which guides us through reading specific books designed for Drew's age group. Some are pre-readers, some are letter and number books, and others are stories. Some come with questions for discussion to work on understanding of key concepts in the stories.

Other than that, what are we doing? We're having fun. We're going to relax. We're going to enjoy the summer months. This is the first summer where we've felt like we can just relax and that everything is going to be fine. That's a first for us. The past summers have been filled with CI activation - and all the appointments that go with it, therapy and IEP battles. We're looking forward to just being a normal family this summer!

Sunday, June 13

School's Out

Then end of this school year has come. While I'm extremely excited for the warmer weather and all the things that come with it - the beach, pool, park, outdoors - I am very sad that Drew is moving on up to Preschool Two.

Drew is getting so big. Growing each day. Learning new things. Talking like crazy. And I'm sad that we won't be able to share this next year with Ms. L. She was Drew's teach this year. A wonderful woman, patient and kind. Drew grew and learned so much in her class. We are really going to miss her!

I know that next year with bring another outstanding teacher, and another wonderful year of growth - in many, many ways - for Drew. But it's hard not to feel sad about leaving a teacher - and a year of school - behind. Each year with Drew is more and more amazing - his progress more and more amazing. And it's hard to move on from those that are such a large part of his success.

Saturday, June 12


It's not unusual for Drew's Dad and I to find ourselves whispering to each other quite often, especially when we are driving. While whispering is often considered rude, when you have two young children, you find yourself whispering quite often. Why talk aloud about going for ice cream when you aren't sure your spouse is in agreement? Can't discuss the possible trip to the pool for fear of someone getting over excited. The list goes on.

As we drove home from a trip to the park the other night, Drew was behaving quite poorly in the car. Really, he was out of control crying and whining over something. I can't even remember what he was crying and whining about - that's how important it was. After several requests to stop whining, I told Drew he would be placed in timeout when we finally made it home.

Drew, being the master at manipulation, began saying "I'll stop. See, I'm stopping. I'm not crying any more." He continued this speech over an over, in a super attempt to keep himself out of the dreaded timeout.

Drew's Dad and I began our whispering, in this case about parenting. We were discussing with each other the fact that we had already told Drew he would get a time out, and that he couldn't get out of it now. Just making sure we were both on the same page.

As we talked we started to hear Drew in the back seat talking louder and louder. To us. He was saying, "Hey, stop talking about timeouts! Stop talking about timeouts! Mom, Dad. Stop talking about timeouts."

Drew's Dad and I found it hilarious. First, it was quite hilarious that he heard us talking, and knew what we were discussing. But hearing his sweet little voice tell us that we should stop talking about his timeout was just precious.

For the record, Drew did receive his timeout when we got home. Although it wasn't nearly as long as what it should have been. He's just too darn cute.