Monday, May 10

Dining with Drew

We celebrated Mother's Day with a dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants. We had a rather large party of 10 to celebrate the day, at a very busy, loud restaurant.

When we took our seats we didn't give much thought to the seating arrangements, other than the fact that Drew and his sister were required to sit by either me or their Daddy. Sometimes restaurant behavior can rapidly deteriorate without a parental unit nearby.

Anyway, Drew sat with his back facing the center of the restaurant. And he would not stop talking. The entire night. Didn't matter if someone else was talking at the table, his mouth was moving. And he was talking. Loud. To the point where he was wearing on my last nerve.

Then it dawned on me - he couldn't hear. I leaned down and asked him if he could hear, and he said "No, it's too loud," and popped both of his ears off.

Lesson learned. Drew needs to sit as far away from the center of a noisy restaurant as possible. And I need to talk with his audiologist about getting some additional mapping programs for noisy situations added to his processors. Now that he is able to tell us with more accuracy how he is hearing, I think we can give these additional programs a try.

This is the first time in quite awhile I have really noticed his hearing compromised by noise. I think it's time to see his audiologist.