Friday, June 26

Please Talk To Me

Last week I took Drew with me to Lowe's to pick up some home & garden equipment at fabulously low prices (can you tell "Pitchmen" is my favorite show this summer)?

On the way there, the boy just wouldn't shut his mouth. Perhaps we should start calling him "Mouth". I don't remember what he was talking about, but he likes to repeat things.

"Dad, I have my ball. It's a golf ball."

"That's great buddy, you have a golf ball."

"Dad, I have a ball. A golf ball."

"I see that Drew, you have a golf ball"

"I have my golf ball."
Now I'm always happy deep down inside whenever he says anything at all, but I wasn't feeling that deep down warm and fuzzy feeling at that point. I was beginning to tune him out.

A few minutes later, I start to realize that he's talking to me. Not about the golf ball. So once I tune in I realize he's a little upset. What's he saying?

"Daddy, PLEASE talk to me! Talk to me DaDa!"

It was wonderful. I might have had a tear. It was another one of those moments that make some of the rough times worth it - a moment where you remember just how special it is that he is able to continually improve his speaking ability, and a time to be so thankful that he can talk and likes to be talked to. Nothing can diminish that feeling!



"Yes, Drew?"

"I have a golf ball. It's my golf ball, Dad."


Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

We are experiencing the EXACT same thing here in our house. Christian focuses on something (usually it's a vehicle, like a fire engine or Matchbox Monster Truck), and decides to tell me all about it....for 10 minutes. I've tried to turn it into a language opportunity, and I figured out that we can talk about it in a zillion different ways, but it always go back to the same concept. It MUST be the age :)

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

Ahhh, the catch-22 of having smart kids.

I love reading about all the updates on Drew. Thanks for keeping us informed.