Wednesday, March 7

School Age Transition

I opened my email last night to find one from my Mother-in-Law. It said, "I always check Turn On My Ears, hoping for an update on Drew. No luck. Should I stop checking?"


It has been a while since my last post. I actually didn't realize just how long it has been. Over four months. The days are turning into weeks, and just flying by. Before long spring will be here, followed by summer. (Oh, how I love summer!) Soon, kids will be another year older, and in a different grade of school. This year, Drew will be heading off to our local elementary school for Kindergarten. Completely mainstream.


The details of his transition from preschool to kindergarten are currently being worked out. I had a very refreshing conversation with our school district, much better than our last experience three years ago, and I think our family goals for Drew are going to be perfectly matched with a plan from the school district. We're still ironing what sort of goals and modifications Drew will need, but we are confidant that his needs will be very well met by his school.

This is what happens when Early Intervention works. The child receives all necessary services so early on in life that they enter their elementary years with no delays. The last five years could not have gone any more perfectly for Drew. He is right where he should be as a five year old boy, hearing loss or not. I couldn't have written the script any better myself.