Tuesday, September 6

Alter Ego

Drew really enjoys dressing up as Superheros. He asks nearly every night to watch an episode of Spiderman or Batman "on demand." He uses his imagination to play with his Batcave, and his Spiderman trucks, and just really loves his Superhero friends.

So, it came as no surprise to us, when we were getting ready to go out to dinner one night, that Drew came downstairs dressed as Batman. And instead of fighting with him, and waiting for the twenty minutes it would have taken for him to get dressed, we let him go out to dinner dressed as Batman.

On our drive, we were talking, and Drew's Dad turned to Drew and said, "Hey, Drew, would you like..." But Drew's Dad couldn't finish his sentance. He was interrupted by Drew, who wanted to quickly remind his Dad, "Dad!! I'm not Drew. I'm Batman. Get it right."

O.K. Drew. Our mistake.