Tuesday, June 28

Four Years

We awoke on a beautiful, sunny morning four years ago today, knowing that our son would hear his very first sounds at his cochlear implant activation that day. We knew that the real work would begin that day. We knew that we would be deeply involved in speech and auditory training for the foreseeable future. We knew, no matter what may have crossed our path, that it was the beginning of our sons road to talking and communicating with his family and the world.

What we didn't know four years ago was how remarkably normal our life would become in this short time. That therapy appointments would really become a distant memory, a thing of the past. We didn't know how naturally hearing and speaking would come to him, but it did, and with his cochlear implants he has soared. Four years later our summer is filled with t-ball games where Drew can hear just like his teammates; it's a summer filled with trips to the pool where Drew can hear in the water. It's filled with everything that a little boys life should be filled with.

What we didn't know four years ago was that Drew was clearly born to talk. Happy 4th Hearing Day to our Drew.