Sunday, June 13

School's Out

Then end of this school year has come. While I'm extremely excited for the warmer weather and all the things that come with it - the beach, pool, park, outdoors - I am very sad that Drew is moving on up to Preschool Two.

Drew is getting so big. Growing each day. Learning new things. Talking like crazy. And I'm sad that we won't be able to share this next year with Ms. L. She was Drew's teach this year. A wonderful woman, patient and kind. Drew grew and learned so much in her class. We are really going to miss her!

I know that next year with bring another outstanding teacher, and another wonderful year of growth - in many, many ways - for Drew. But it's hard not to feel sad about leaving a teacher - and a year of school - behind. Each year with Drew is more and more amazing - his progress more and more amazing. And it's hard to move on from those that are such a large part of his success.


leah said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to say "goodbye" to such an instrumental person in Drew's life! I am going to have a panic attack when Nolan outgrows the CPSE system and leaves our beloved speech therapist for kindergarten...

Here's to a brand-new school year, with even more amazing people to guide Drew along the path of success!

Anonymous said...

We feel the same way about Lonnie! Every day, Tessa tells me that she wants to give something to Lonnie, or wants to tell Lonnie something, or wants to show her something. :( We miss all of our school friends!!

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

That was why I was so sad for Jennie to finish preschool. We'd been with the one teacher since Jennie was 18 months old and another teacher for both years. Jennie has blossomed into such a smart confident little girl in part thanks to them.

I totally understand.

Alex said...

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