Sunday, June 20


Drew is very excited this evening - he begins soccer (and basketball, football and t-ball) lessons in the morning!

Drew has been asking, for probably close to a year now, to take soccer lessons, and we've finally signed him up! It's not that we haven't wanted to enroll him, but this is the first summer that he is old enough to participate in a program in our community. We could have enrolled him last summer in lessons, but they would have been nearly 30 minutes away!

We're very excited that Drew is going to be able to participate in a program just like all of the kids in our neighborhood - with no accommodations! I'll brief the instructor in the morning about CI's and what to do if one falls off; I'll let them know that they may have to repeat instructions for Drew, and that background noise can be a bit of a problem. Other than that, he'll be good to go.

I have a feeling he is going to have a great day tomorrow!


Alex said...
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leah said...

He's going to love it! We *almost* signed Matt up for soccer (Nolan's still too young since he won't be three until August), but most of the season is during our trip to John Tracy. I love summer sports- and so do the kids! I can't wait to see pictures of Drew kicking the ball around (World Cup, watch out: in a few years, Mr. Drew is heading your way)!