Thursday, October 25

He's Off!

School has been underway for nearly two months, and I'm happy to report that Drew is doing very well in the mainstream setting. Other than a couple of issues getting his teachers and support staff used to his personal FM system, the start of Kindergarten has gone exactly as planned.

Drew has enjoyed making new friends, and asks to have a new friend over for a play date nearly every week. His favorite part of the school day is either gym or recess, depending on the day. Drew is reading. He has math homework. He has been superstar and shared stories with the class about his crazy family. He loves being at the same school with his sister.

Our life with a Kindergartener is so normal. Just how I prayed it would be.

Wednesday, October 24


This past weekend, over 18,000 athletes ran though the streets of downtown Columbus, competing in The Columbus Marathon. This year the marathon raised over $875,000 for Nationwide Children's Hospital.

I'm happy to say that I played a very small role in helping to raise that money for the hospital.

While I am not a runner, I trained for the past 16 weeks to run the half marathon. It was a long training program, starting in May with a Mom of two that couldn't even run three miles. Despite a fairly serious injury to my back, I was still able to start the race. And to finish. I can honestly say that it was the hardest physical challenge I have every had.

It was an intense mental challenge as well. As the miles added up, and the pain became intense, it was the Patient Champions that got me through. Seeing the smiling faces of the children whose lives have been impacted so positively by the care that they have received from Nationwide Children's Hospital was an incredibly moving experience.

And then there is Drew. The reason that I chose to run in the first place. Because of this hospital, Drew is able to hear today. He's able to speak, communicate and go to school like any other six year old boy. Nationwide Children's was the only hospital in the area that was willing to implant Drew under the FDA recommend 12 months of age. Drew has had tremendous success since his implantation. And we have the Hearing Team at Nationwide Children's to thank.

13.1 miles seems like a small challenge when thinking about what he has gone through over the past six years to get to this point in his young life. The countless audiology appointments. Speech therapy three times a week. Full day school from the age of three. Drew has worked so hard every step of the way. I couldn't be more proud of him.