Tuesday, February 26

How To Swim With A Cochlear Implant On

This video gives us hope for those hot, humid days in mid summer. Many times we have sat and wondered "How can Drew swim with a his cochlear implant on?"

At first we figured it couldn't be done. We thought that we'd have to just keep a close eye on him, maybe communicate solely through sign because he wouldn't be able to hear a thing in the pool.

I know Cochlear's Nucleus Freedom Implant is "water resistant", but certainly that doesn't mean it can withstand a furious game of "Marco Polo". We figured swimming would be a difficult task to endure.

Then we came across this video, which has me ready to do a giant cannonball - Greg Lougainis style - right now!

The video states several times to proceed at your own risk (to the equipment), but I think this could definitely work. We will most definitely be shopping for the FoodSaver to protect the implant and some flashy swimming caps, to get Drew ready for some big-league splashing this summer.

Note: Another accidental benefit of having bilateral cochlear implants pops up here. We'll have him wear just one in the pool, and if for some reason it is damaged, we have the other to fall back on until we can mortgage our house to pay for a replacement.

Happy Swimming!


Laurie said...

This is a Godsend! I love to do water aerobics but cannot hear a thing because I don't want to get my implants wet. I don't put my head in the water but there is moisture and splashing that goes on. I was actually trying to figure out a way that I could do this. THANK YOU!

Laurie (who is going shopping for a FoodSaver!)

Shiloh said...

AMAZING! Thanks for posting this. I am really excited to try this out! Swimming was the one thing that concerned me about Isaac, but I am very hopeful and excited now. You always have the coolest posts...with valuable information. We will be investing in a food saver.

Lisa said...

Wow that brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for blessing us with your brilliant plan!

Anonymous said...

wtg, our friend's little daughter loves to swim, and your set-up is awesome and easy drew you got a great dad, ty again and god bless

kate blue said...

we have Advanced Bionics and jsut got the Neptune so swimming is now an option (and it is awesome btw)...but one thing that I "heard" you can also use is a Speedo cap-they do have an airtight seal and do keep water out...

Adnan Smajlovic said...

Just want to mention that Nammu bandanna holds cochlear implant bag in place perfectly fine. Check the demo video on the website:

Much more comfortable than silicon caps.