Thursday, December 25

Drew Singing On Christmas Day

Our Christmas day was filled with everything wonderful, as we truly enjoyed Drew and his sister as they experienced the magic of the season. This is the first year that they have both really enjoyed waiting on Santa's arrival, and they truly enjoyed opening their presents. (Although Drew felt that he needed to open, put together and play with each toy before opening another.)

The highlight of the day came in the form of a song, sung by Drew, while playing his new piano. It is a moment that will be forever etched in my memory, as time stood still. Everyone paused, a few of us cried, and we all gave thanks for the gift of Drew's hearing.

Two Christmas' ago, I thought this might never be possible. Hearing my little boy sing. I received many, many wonderful gifts today, but none greater than this.

We hope this finds you winding down a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas from our family!


Christian's Mommy said...

That has to be the greatest Christmas present EVER!

Karen Putz said...

He's just adorable in this video!

Vivie said...

Terrific present from Drew..and...the crazy LED's in his implants made me laugh , they were like a couple of very tiny fairies...

Laurie said...

Aww! Loved Drew's "Jingle Bells" song! Cute! Yes, we have much to be thankful for!

Happy New Year!

Jason said...

That's wonderful to see - love the enthusiastic piano accompaniment. Happy New Year to you all,

Jason, Nik and Tom