Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween From Drew!

We took Drew and his sister out Trick or Treating earlier tonight, and they both had a great time. Drew loved walking up to the doors holding his orange candy bag, arms outstretched and bag wide open.

After his sister knocked on the door and the bowl of candy was offered, his natural instinct took over and he tried to grab 2-3 pieces with each handful. He got away with this several times.

He'd say "Trick or Treat", and "thank you", and sometimes ask "other one?" if he wanted another piece. More than once the people handing out candy remarked "he is so good at saying that! You must have trained him!"

Yep, every day for almost all of his life. Talking about the color of the sky and how FLUFFY the white clouds look. Mentioning the dirt stains on his blue jeans and how GRIMY it looks. Investigating the red, orange and brown fall leaves and remarking how CRUNCHY they sound.

It made our day that people were so impressed with his speech. And oh - by-the-way - he had his dragon head on all night and his cochlear implants were totally invisible.

Happy Halloween to all!


Laurie said...

Awesome! Love your little "sugar breathing" dragon!

elizabeth embracing life said...

So much joy and tears of accomplishment on both mother and child when other's begin to really understand the words from our children. Oh happy Day!!!

tammy said...

16 months hearing ... simply amazing!

AJ's Mom said...

This made me cry :) Thanks for sharing! Go Dino Dragon Drew!

Sam said...

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