Saturday, December 15

Jingle Bells Part 2

We took Drew and his big Sister to visit Santa last night. The line to visit Santa was very long. Parents all around us were standing in line, frustrated with their misbehaving kids, many threatening to take their children home without seeing Santa. Not Drew's Dad and I, however. Drew and his Sister were very good under the circumstances. Plus, we have been looking forward to this moment ever since last year. Here's video of Drew and his sister visiting with Santa:

I'm sure that the parents all around us thought I was crazy for crying as Drew looked in the direction of the jingle bells. They will never know how moments like these feel for me. I am reminded at times like these just how lucky we are. We are so blessed to live in a world where Drew can share in the sounds of the holiday season. Not only the sound of the jingle bells, but those of Christmas Carols, the crackle of the fireplace, the laughter and excitement in children's voices as Christmas Day draws near. Each new sound he hears or each new word he says are all occasions for joyful celebration.

I look forward to visiting Santa next year with Drew and his Sister, when Drew will be able to talk with Santa and ask for his toy all by himself.


Jennifer said...

Oh goodness...I'm crying precious! What a wonderful gift this Christmas! Wonder if Santa knew he was holding a little miracle?

Abbie said...

OH MAN! That was an awesome moment! He was perfectly in sync! *wiping tear away*

Landon's Mom said...

That was so cute! I love the setup with the fireplace. Christmas came early for both our families with the gift of hearing for our sons.
Merry Christmas.

Val said...

This brings back the memories. You noted how he turned and I saw the video of him hearing the bells. I remember trying to get portraits made before the implants and having to tell the photographers that no matter how many times they call his name or ring that bell, he's not going to turn. I would tell them "you have be very visual, do something he can see!" I had almost forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder.

Drew's Dad said...

val, we had some very poor pictures of Drew taken once because the photographer was upset that Drew couldn't hear her when she was trying to grab his attention. She barely even tried. That was frustrating to see that...Sounds like your experience was similar.