Sunday, July 18

Cedar Point with CI's

We recently made our annual trip to Cedar Point with Drew and his sister. The kids both love amusement rides and junk fair-type foods, and were extremely excited to spend the day running around the park.

This is a picture of Drew and his sister taking off on the Jr. Gemini for the first time. It's a mini version of the real Gemini roller coaster, just for kids. Drew and his sister were big enough to ride by themselves, so off they went together. As their car pulled out of the station, a sense of panic came over me. Drew was wearing only the BTE portion of his cochlear implants. He had never ridden a ride this intense without a parent by his side to protect his CI's, nor had he ever ridden a ride without his babyworn system. I turned to Drew's Dad and mentioned my fear. We both worried the entire time they were flying around the track. I resolved myself to an afternoon of combing the grounds beneath the roller coaster searching for missing parts, but luckily that did not happen. Drew returned, two CI's still in place. A sense of relief came over us, until the coaster took off again. Another minute of painfully waiting for Drew to return with both ears.

All was well. He didn't have an ear come off all day. And I think he rode the Jr. Gemini about twenty times. Although it ended well, we have an oto-clip (scroll down to the bottom of page) on order.

Sunday, July 4

Crazy Boy

Drew has turned into a crazy boy in the pool. He clearly loves the water, and enjoys everything about spending hot summer days jumping off the side of the pool into the refreshing water. Over and over and over again. I can't tell you how happy I am that our waterproofing method works as well as it does. The kid never misses a beat. And he can hear the life guard blow the whistle at him when he's "misbehaving".

And, Drew is going to have his first "play date" at the pool this weekend. One of his friends wants to go swimming with him this weekend. We're going to meet for some fun in the sun and pizza pool side. We are just so, so blessed with how normal our life really is.