Monday, June 4

We're Headed to Italy!

It's true! Our trip to Italy starts first thing tomorrow morning. There was a time about seven months ago when I thought I might never get to take Drew, but after months of planning we are finally ready to go!

We aren't going to arrive there tomorrow. There will likely be delays, flat tires, pit stops, and even lay overs. Some of these may be longer and more frustrating than what we think we can endure. We may even ask ourselves, "Are we there yet?" But I am looking forward to the journey just as much as I am looking forward to the destination. When you think about it, it is actually very special that we will get to visit so many places with Drew along the way. Not many people bound for Italy get to stop as many places as we will and relish in those moments. We are going to have so many that will shape the person Drew will become. I can not wait to watch the transformation, from beautiful Deaf baby to a hearing, speaking, communicating deaf child.

We are nervous for the beginning. Once we get through this I think we can handle the rest. We will let you know how our trip begins as soon as we can tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic, safe, and highly successful trip!!!


Anonymous said...

It's June 6th. The worst is over and the rest of your journey lays ahead. Hope you are getting some rest and that little Drew is recovering well. We are all beyond excited for you!