Tuesday, June 12

Turn Up the Volume!

I mentioned in my recent post, Observations, that it appeared that surgery had affected Drew's "talking". Well, it's back! Apparently Drew's throat must have been sore from the intubation as he is now my loud "talker" once again.

In some ways the silence was nice. But in others, I did miss it. I have actually become quite used to the loud talking, so it doesn't bother me (anymore). I have tried so hard to talk with him and keep him communicating with me that I am actually happy the loud, ear piercing screech's are back. Besides, he is so cute when he is talking and laughing with me that it doesn't matter how loud his talking is, I just want those moments to last forever.

By the way, how many days until June 28th? The clock won't tick fast enough...

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Cloggy said...

Welcome to the club!

It's been a while since the surgery, but I would like to share with you all a poem that my wife wrote the morning that Lotte went in for her bi-lateral operation. (Gee, has it been that long allready..)

Take this child

Give her wings
to hear
the sound of my smile

Give her wings
to hear
the radiance of my eyes

Never the same again
after today
with an exceptional gift

To hear light
To see sound
gives wings to the soul