Monday, June 11

Bandages Off

Drew's Incision

Sitting Up

Drew's Sister Playing "Piggies"
I took Drew to have his bandages removed today. Dr. Kang removed them fairly quickly and said that Drew is healing nicely. It was a very fast - my kind of appointment.

As a side note, I have to say how thankful I am for Dr. Kang. He has given Drew and our family a gift that we will never be able to repay. Moreover, I think Dr. Kang genuinely cares about Drew's ability to communicate with the hearing world. I love the way that he casually talks with Drew. He will walk into the room and sweep Drew out of my hands and say, "How are you doing today, buddy? Are you ready to hear? We're expecting big things from you, young man!" It is so refreshing to have a doctor that genuinely cares for his patients. We knew from our research that we were working with a very skilled doctor but we got so much more! I am so thankful that he is in Columbus. We are very blessed to have him leading the cochlear implant program here.

I have to imagine that Drew feels a lot better with his bandage off and that his incisions will heal much faster now that they are exposed to some fresh air. The incisions are actually smaller than what I was expecting; I don't know why but I thought they would be larger, but I did. Also, I was amazed at how close the magnet is placed to the incision. And both look to be lined up quite nicely. (For all those that know my type A personality, you had to know I would want both coils lined up perfectly on his little head!)

I included two pictures of Drew sitting up because I am amazed at how much better his balance is since his surgery. Seriously. Amazed. He is actually sitting up! Tonight I had him sitting on the floor for 30 minutes by himself! He was looking around, watching television, chewing on his toys, thoroughly enjoying life. I am 100% convinced that the surgery made his balance better. Also, he is making attempts to crawl like never before, and when he is unsuccessful he gets really upset! My little boy will be crawling around here before too long.

We are so thankful for the way Drew has recovered from this surgery. We thank you for your prayers for Drew.

Now, is it June 28th yet?


Yana said...

He looks great! And yes, why is time being so slow these days?!

Shiloh said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that everything went well for Drew's surgery. Sorry this post is a little late. I've been busy with the baby. It is so awesome that you have seen such a change in Drew since the surgery....and changes for the better! Too cool. June 28th will be here before you know it!