Tuesday, June 19

Don't Forget

We want to remind you of the 25% budget cut to the Regional Infant Hearing Program. The RIHP's are among many services of The Ohio Department of Health and Help Me Grow. The ODH has lost federal grant money as well as funding from the State, causing financial cuts to all of its programs and resources, including early intervention services. Without the necessary funding, the ODH will not be able to fund its programs that are vital in the lives of so many, including Drew.

We wrote Governor Ted Strickland regarding the budget cut, asking him to secure the necessary funding the ODH needs in order to offer its programs. In response, he sent a form letter. We weren't expecting any more than that, but we were not expecting him to send the letter on to the ODH (like they can secure funding with their budget cuts). Maybe we were not clear in our letter: the Governor needs to balance the state budget in order to secure the funds the ODH needs to supplement all of its programs.

I have written a second letter to the Governor. I ask that you continue to contact Governor Ted Strickland, asking him to secure the funds needed to run the RIHP. Early Identification and Intervention makes all of the difference in the life of a child with hearing loss, and the citizens of Ohio need it to be there for them at full strength.

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