Saturday, June 30

Drew Can Hear!

We're seeing new signs each day that Drew really is able to hear. We turned Drew up to P3 (his third program, meaning the loudest yet) and he responded to Daddy's voice! It was truly amazing, and had we not been worried that it startled Drew, we may have cried ourselves!

We are testing Drew to see what he can hear all the time! He was looking away from Daddy during breakfast this morning and turned toward the knocking sound Daddy made on the kitchen table. Amazing! Only a few days ago he would not have responded. And to think that we take our hearing for granted.

Here are a few pictures of Drew:

Activation Day...Waiting for his appointment.

Our little bionic boy. This picture also shows the pockets that have been sewn on Drew's clothing to hold his Body Worn Processors. (I hope you can see it). I love the little pockets. It is so easy to access his processors to make sure they are working correctly, plus they are quite stylish. Just wait until you see his Spiderman pockets! Drew is a cool little boy.


Cloggy said...

Welcome to the club..!!!

It is amazing.... and such a spiritual experience....

Glad you put so much on the blog. You (and others including Drew) will enjoy that leater on....

Cloggy said...

Quick question.
Can I use the picture of the bodyworns on Lotte's blog?

( )

I allready put it there, but will remove it when you don't want it there.