Thursday, June 7

Conversation With My Daughter

Drew's sister returned home today. She stayed at Gam-ma's yesterday while we were with Drew during his surgery. She had a fun time at Gam-ma's house. She went with Gam-ma and Aunt Angie to the zoo. She had a blast!

When she got home today she immediately noticed the bandages on Drew's head. She was a little scared at first, so I explained that his ears had a "boo-boo." That's the best two-year-old term I know. I told her that this would allow Drew to hear in just a couple of weeks. She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and went on with playing.

Later she looked at Drew, pointed to his bandages and said, "Boo-boo." I nodded. Then she said, "he hear."

"That's right," I said, in my typical motherly intonation. "What would you like to tell Drew when he can hear?" I asked.

She paused. I had really thrown her a curve ball. What would she like to tell Drew about? She gave me one of those, "I'm thinking" looks, drawing her fore finger to her mouth. "Santa," she said in the cheeriest of voices. "Toys and presents." She had such a huge smile on her face, like she is really excited to tell Drew all about Santa Claus!

There you have it. Drew is going to learn all about Santa, toys and presents from his sister as soon as he can hear!

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Laurie said...

Aw, how sweet. Kids say the cutest things from their hearts! Can't wait to hear about Drew's activation!