Thursday, June 28

Activation Day

Drew's hearing was turned on today! It was a rather anti-climatic moment, as we we hoping for a glorious, "Hi, Mommy, I can hear" moment. Obviously that didn't happen, but we did get a clear indication that he can hear. (Video coming soon!)

Mapping is a very complicated and difficult process to understand. They tested his equipment at surgery and had a basic map from that. Then today they updated three electrodes on each ear to current power levels today. I think this means that three electrodes are mapped for Drew's ear today, where as the remaining 19 are mapped off of the results from surgery? Anyone with more information and understanding, please leave a comment!

After turning on all of the equipment, the audiologist tested him in the sound booth, just to make sure that he would not have any ill response to sound (facial twitching, crying, etc.). He did very well at 70 db.

We left the appointment with four different maps. We start with P1 today and will progress through P4 in the next few days. Each program is just a little bit louder than the last. Right now he is hearing around 65-70 db, not in the speech banana, but he is picking up environmental sounds. As we continue to turn him up he should be in the speech banana after his next mapping, July 10th.

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Laurie said...

Great news! That is a good start! Glad to hear that ALL the electrodes are working. Can't wait to see the video of your precious little one!