Saturday, July 26

Silly Sounds

Drew makes me laugh. He just has this way about him that is silly and funny and sweet all tied together. He can just look at me in his cute little way and make me smile. He is such a loving little boy.

Drew makes me laugh each morning as I am getting dressed for the day. As soon as Drew sees me pull my hairspray out he starts to say, "sssss." It is so funny. And he knows that I think it is funny, so now he will say, "sssss" and start laughing hysterically.

When Drew wakes each morning he now calls for either me or his Dad. We will walk into his room, ears in hand, and turn his hearing on for the day. As soon as we do, we will ask, "Drew, do you want to get up?" Drew always responds with the same answer, "No!" So, we let him sit in his crib for awhile, talking to his animals. Usually this gives me just enough time to finish getting ready for work. The other day as I used my hairspray I heard him saying from his room across the hall, "ssss," and then laughing. He is too funny. And so amazing. Can you believe he heard that?

I wonder what other unconventional listening sounds we will discover with Drew?


leahlefler said...

Wow- excellent listening skills! I can only imagine all the incidental learning he picks up. It is so funny that he imitates the hiss of the hairspray can- and from across the hall! Wow.

Laurie said...

That is so cute and sweet! I know you are loving every minute!

tammy said...

That is great! He made me laugh reading this! I love how he imitates the hairspray!

Bill and Shelly said...

Sorry we missed the picnic today!! I could not talk Bill into coming, he also had made plans to help some people move and I did not feel like dragging 3 kids all the way out there, maybe next year. I am hoping to be able to come to some of the support group meetings at AOCC.