Wednesday, July 16

Virus Confirmed

Drew woke this morning without a fever for the first time in three days. He was sitting in his crib saying "drink" and "cup" over and over again. He is dehydrated and hungry, but still doesn't want much to do with either.

This afternoon Drew broke out in a rash. I immediately began scouring the Internet for possible culprits, and found the Roseola Virus. All of the symptoms fit Drew perfectly, and a quick trip to the doctor (the fourth one in as many days) confirmed the diagnosis. Now, in 5-7 days Drew should be rash and virus free.

I hope Drew's appetite comes back soon. He has no interest in eating - anything. We've given him free reign in the kitchen, and he still won't eat. He's a little better with drinking fluids, more so in the morning than the rest of the day. I'm hopeful that this is the last we see of this stinky virus.

The verdict is still out for Drew's Sister. This virus typically affects children between six months and two years, so she is just past the age for it. We shall see. Please send some "go away virus" thoughts our way.


Laurie said...

It is so good to hear that Drew is starting to feel better! Will continue to think good thoughts for you. I watched for an update from you all day today and was glad you posted!

Kristen said...

Both my kids got roseola around 18 months old. Luckily that is all Drew had. He'll be back on his feet in no time! Glad he is doing better.

Anonymous said...

So glad you've pinpointed a diagnosis and that he's on his way back to feeling better. Poor little fellow! Ethan is sick for the first time in his life and I'm beside myself as we've never been through this before. Hence the 3 a.m. commenting!

Bill and Shelly said...

So glad to hear that Drew is on the road to recovery.
I had roseola when I was a baby( yes it has been around that long) :-)
Will you be at the CI picnic in Aug? I am trying to talk Bill into going, since we missed the support group picnic in June.

Drew's Mom said...


Yes! We will be at the picni. We expect to see you there!

Drew's Mom

Drew's Mom said...


Yes! We will be at the picni. We expect to see you there!

Drew's Mom

Brianna's Mommy said...

I am glad that Drew is on the mend. It's so scary being a parent! Go away virus! And props to you for figuring out the diagnosis! A parent knows their child. Good luck over the next few days, we will be thinking of your family.

Abbie said...

Oh thank goodness! How is he feeling now?