Sunday, August 3

CI Picnic

We attended our second Cochlear Implant Picnic this weekend. It is an annual event hosted by Nationwide Children's Hospital, and is an opportunity for families with children with cochlear implants to meet and talk about their experiences. We had an enjoyable day, although we wish the weather wasn't so hot.

Drew and his surgeon, Dr. Richard Kang

It was such a hot day that we left shortly after eating lunch. Drew was very hot and cranky, so we didn't have a lot of opportunity to talk with others, like last year. We're hopeful that next years picnic falls on an August day where a cold front is moving through the area!


Anonymous said...

I remember this shot from last year, Dr. Kang was wearing a chef's hat! I can't get over how much Drew has grown in the last year! Dr. Kang looks like such a warm and friendly guy.

Christian's Mommy said...

What a great event for you guys!

Abbie said...

Awwwwh!! What a great picture of him and the doc!