Thursday, July 24

I Think Drew Broke My Nose

Drew's a funny little guy. He likes to giggle, play peek-a-boo, and horse around a little bit. He also loves to give hugs.

One fun little pastime he has is re-enacting the dramatic Hollywood scenes where you have two lovers that have been ripped apart reuniting in a grand finale.

You know, the scene where the fair maiden is gliding through the fields of wildflowers, wind-swept hair in tow. The handsome man is approaching via the opposite direction, taking long, powerful strides in effort to meet his love as soon as possible. They reach and embrace in an explosion of love, and all is well with the world.


Well, Drew sometimes likes to run across the room to give me or his mom a big hug or kiss, but on Saturday he decided to change his modus operandi.

On that occasion, our eyes met, and Drew began to high-step across the living room, excited to give his wonderful dad a big hug and kiss. I laid on our chaise, awaiting his embrace. As he approached, I could see the smile on his face and I was acutely aware of how special these types of moments are. A moment to cherish.

It turns out that I really cherish my nose being in one piece a little more, but I guess it was cute while it lasted. Drew kept on high-stepping like he was trying to score a game winning touchdown, and charged directly at my face, treating his skull as a ramrod and the bridge of my nose as a target.

There was an explosion of pain (rather than love, as depicted in the Hollywood scenes). I jerked back in surprise, eyes watery. Drew starts screaming and looking at me with a "WTF did you just DO?" look. Hey Drew - YOU hit ME! Don't cry to your mom and act like I was in the wrong here buddy!

We were all better in a couple of minutes, but my nose still hurts. It didn't bleed or bruise, but when I move it it still hurts. Maybe it's not broken, but it must be pretty darn close.


auntangie said...

I'm sorry, but THAT one made me laugh. Getting hit in the nose sucks, though. I can imagine your wife got a little kick out of that one.

Abbie said...

I'm with Aunt Angie, I had to laugh the picture you just portrayed. I hope your nose is feeling better by now and you don't have any black eyes from the whole charge of love. :)

On the flip side, I'm glad the lil guy is feeling better :)