Monday, July 14

Not Fun

Drew woke from his nap yesterday afternoon very cranky, running a 103+ fever. We immediately started the cooling process with a dose of children's Tylenol, a Popsicle and a wet wash cloth on his face. None of these activities seemed to be helping, so we packed up the car and headed for Urgent Care. There is a slight risk of meningitis with cochlear implants, so that is always in the back of our mind when Drew is sick.

We were seen at Urgent Care right away and Drew was diagnosed with a viral infection. We were told to keep doing what we were doing and discharged right away. By the time we left Urgent Care, Drew's temperature was down to 101 and he seemed to be feeling better. We even ran a couple of quick errands on our way home and he seemed fine.

When we got home we gave Drew a bath and dressed him for bed. As Drew's Dad was reading Drew a story, he began to have a seizure. Drew's Dad yelled at me to call 911 while he kept Drew isolated on the floor, laying on his side. The seizure lasted about two minutes, with Drew's arms and legs convulsing, and his lips turning blue. Before the paramedics arrived, Drew came out of the seizure, and by the time they were in our house Drew was grunting and looking very confused, which the paramedics took as a positive sign. Eventually Drew started babbling a little bit and seemed calmed by my voice. It was quite scary, as he would not focus on me as I was speaking to him, just staring at the ceiling.

The ambulance took Drew and I to Children's Hospital for assessment. Drew was diagnosed with a febrile seizure and we were dismissed after several hours of observation. Apparently this is a fairly common cause of seizures, and is not something that should have any affect on his development. There is a slight risk of future seizures when Drew has a fever, and usually the seizure is a sign of an oncoming fever, so there is little that can be done to prevent one.

Drew's Dad and I did not sleep well last night, constantly checking on Drew to make sure his fever wasn't climbing again. Drew woke early this morning and seems to be feeling a lot better. I walked in to Drew's room this morning and he was sitting in his crib singing "Where oh where Barney?" Back to normal.

Drew still has a fever, but it is not nearly as high as yesterday. I'm hoping that we have weathered this storm.


MB said...

Scary! Glad to hear he is alright.

Val said...

I've heard of these quite a bit. Very scary I'm sure, but glad to know he's okay. At least now you know what to expect when he has a fever...he should outgrow that I'm sure.

leahlefler said...

Oh my gosh- so very scary! I'm sure you have a few more gray hairs from that experience. I am so glad that Drew is OK!

elizabeth said...

Oh wow, how scary. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and no more fevers anytime soon!

tammy said...

I can't imagine how scary that was! I've never heard of this before, but will be reading up on it. I'm glad to hear he's on the road to recovery!

Valerie said...

That is terrible. I hope Drew is feeling better. I have a friend who went through that last month with her 2 year old son.

Your family and Drew are in my prayers. Get some sleep.

Paotie said...


I am glad you got the fever under control, relatively speaking. I was riveted to my chair in reading your account - not to dismiss the fears and frustrations you experienced, or anything.

Do get some sleep if you can.

I will think positive thoughts for you and your family.

Keep on truckin' ..



Abbie said...

Oh dear, that must have been quite an scary experience that happened! There is a little cousin of mine that suffers from febrile seizure when he gets a real high temperature. It was an account just like yours but I am so thankful that Drew is resting and the temperature is coming down.

Hang in there guys, your in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

My heart SANK reading this! I've been through the blue lips and paramedics routine a few times and it's enough to take a few decades off your life. I went from my 30's to my 70's in the course of 6 poor things. I'm so glad to hear he is returning back to normal and will certainly include him in my prayers!

Kristen said...

I am so glad that Drew is alright. Thank goodness you were there for him! That must have been so scary for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor things, having been exactly where you were I know how terrifying it is. I have been to hospital for the most minor of ailments through fear of it happening again. Glad he is back to his happy self now.
Nicky (Tom's mum)

Jennie said...

I'm really sorry to hear this! It's horribly scary. I'm glad he was discharged so quickly.

My friend's daughter was in the PICU for four days trying to determine this diagnosis.

You're in prayers.

Taryn said...

My boyfriend's son had them when he was little, he outgrew them at around 5 when most children outgrow them. I have had other friends whose children have had them with and without existing seizure disorders(one friend has a son with spina bifida and epilepsy and fevers of 102 or higher are a major trigger for him to have a seizure)
As I said most children outgrow them by 5 and they cause no neurological harm they are just h@ll to witness(I saw a friend have a seizure when I was 16 and never wish to have that experience ever again.)
I am so glad he's ok.