Wednesday, December 26

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

We had an enjoyable Christmas, spent at home with family. There were many wonderful moments throughout the day, but this was the highlight:

In the video, my sister sped up the 'beat' and Drew started bouncing to the music. The video really doesn't show just how much fun Drew had playing with his sisters' princess piano (or the fun we all had watching him dance; we all - Grandma's, Pa Pa, Aunt, Uncles, even big Sister - actually ceased with the present opening to enjoy the moment). He enjoyed listening to it play all day. Anytime the 'beat' function was turned on he would start bouncing to the beat of the music. While trying to enjoy Christmas 2006, I never thought I would see Drew bounce to the beat of music just one year later. It was the best gift I received!

We hope that you and your family had a relaxing and peaceful holiday.


Anonymous said...

They are darling! We did have a wonderful holiday and have returned home safely. I know exactly what you mean, Ethan bounces to music now whenever he hears it and that never ceases to amaze me.

Mom to Toes said...

What an amazing video!

Drew's progress just doesn't stop astounding me.

He is such a darling little guy. You are doing an incredible job with him.

Just imagine where he'll be next Christmas.

Abbie said...

That was such a joy to watch!