Friday, December 7

Emerging Language

It is amazing how language and communication skills are developed. Before Drew was born I never really realized all of the little pieces that go into developing communication - babbling, unintelligible communication, single words, two words, etc. Unless something is taken from you - or nearly taken from you - it is hard to have an appreciation for it. As we have watched Drew's language develop immensely this week I asked Drew's Dad, "Do you think there will ever be a day when we see Drew turn to his name and aren't immediately grateful for the gift we have been given?" We both came to the same answer, "No."

Drew's receptive language skills are expanding. He is already understanding so many things, and he now understands the word "kiss." If I'm holding him I will say, "Drew, can Mommy have a kiss?" He will look at me, smile and lean in and give me a kiss! He will do it over. And over. And over. It is wonderful! I am plenty happy getting kisses all day long, but I am ecstatic that he understands me! There are no visual cues; I don't make a kissing sound, pucker my lips, lean in or anything! He is kissing me because he hears me and understands me. Oh, it is wonderful!

Drew's expressive language has also expanded quite a bit this week. We have heard him saying: uh oh, done, up, more, /s/ for snake, /sh/ for shake. "Mama" is back in his vocabulary, too! Drew's Dad and I had noticed an increase in the amount of talking (not babbling, but actual talking, like he was understanding what he was saying) the past couple of weeks. It is as if he is having conversations with himself all day long. We have really felt like he was on the verge of adding some words to his vocabulary, and we have seen the results this week. We are so excited at where he is at verbally, and we love the possibilities that each new day brings. What new word will we hear today?

Drew has shown us just how many things we have to be thankful for!


leahlefler said...

Go, Drew!!!! Hey- he has more words and sounds than my (hearing) 2 year old, lol. You're right- you never take ANYTHING for granted with these kids. Something as simple as turning to sound suddenly becomes a miracle!

Jennifer said...

My nephew was a year old in November, and I just love hearing those little first words...they are so precious...I know that it is even more so considering all the obstacles your little man's been through! I love hearing about his's just wonderful!!