Monday, December 31

Mama Had a Baby and His Ears Popped Off!

The list of things that I thought I would never say just got longer.

I took the kids to The Center of Science and Industry for the first time today. We had a great time playing in the Bob the Builder and Water exhibits, eating lunch and taking in an electric light show. I think we will be frequenting COSI a lot over the coming years.

We happened to be walking by an exhibit hall just as a show was beginning. It was a show all about holiday lights, which I new my daughter would enjoy. We went in, took our seats in the front row and the show immediately began.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to the Holiday Lights Extravaganza. This is the biggest and loudest show COSI has to offer!"

Oh no. The loudest show COSI has to offer? I knew a loud show would not be good for Drew. What would I do if the loud noises scared him?

The scientist went on to explain that she would tell us to cover our ears before she made any of the loud, exploding noises. I decided that I would just pop off Drew's coils when she indicated to the audience to cover their ears. I then made sure my daughter knew how to cover her ears, so she would not be scared while I was tending to Drew.

The show was very fun, and neither child was scared of the loud sounds, mainly because Drew never heard them. Problem avoided. We watched Rudy the Reindeer ride a bike to power Christmas Lights, saw Snowmen light up with the help of liquid nitrogen and learned why Ralphie's tounge stuck to the pole in A Christmas Story. It was fun.

On the way out, the scientist commented how well my two little ones did with the loud noises. Without thinking, I looked at her and said, "Oh, it was easy. She's good at covering her ears, and I just popped his ears off so he wouldn't hear the noises."

As I walked away, I laughed. "Popped his ears off." Too funny. I wonder what she was thinking.


Anonymous said...

What a great quote, and likely not the last time you'll say it. What a big boy, I can't believe how fast he is growing.

Mom to Toes said...

I love it!

Isn't that the most convenient thing in the world?

I had Toes at a playground once when a grounds crew came by. They had to drop the metal gate off the back of the trailer and they told me to be sure I covered her ears when they did so because it could be quite loud.

I popped her coil off and continued playing. Then I realized they were standing there waiting for me to cover her ears so they could drop the gate.

I obliged and covered them just to make them feel better. It seemed easier than trying to explain it.

Toes just looked up at me like I was crazy. ;)

I haven't been to COSI. I need to make a visit one of these days.

Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

That is so funny! I "put on my ears" or "take my ears off" every day, along with my "eyes"!!! I also "flip" one CI off when I'm talking on the phone so I can concentrate with one ear and not hear unwanted noise with the other.

Haven't been to COSI in a long time but my kids always loved going there.

Happy New Year!

Landon's Mom said...

We say the same thing. We've gotten double takes in the store before when one of us says "his ear fell off". He'll probably say it when he gets older - the same way I say put my eyes in or take my eyes out.
Happy New Year!

Sam said...

Duck tape works great! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Li-Li's mom said...

Adorable, I'd love to have seen her face. Not quite as startling as popping those ears off, but now I'm thinking about how often I've casually thrown out comments like "Oh, I left her ears in the car, can you grab them?" or asked or signed "Did her ear fall off?" to someone on her implanted side in a restaurant without realized how goofy that must sound to those who aren't 'in the know'. Now I've got to remember to do the double take myself to see what the response is.

Val said...

haha funny! Well my six year old (born deaf, implanted at three and a half) to this day, he still sticks his fingers in this ears when I'm nagging, when he realizes he still hears me, he then pops the coil off!!