Sunday, December 2

Championship Bound!

Drew and his family would like to congratulate the Oklahoma Sooners on their defeat of the Missouri Tigers in the Big 12 Championship game last night. We have been Oklahoma Sooners fans for the past seven days, and clearly our loyalty paid off.

We would also like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Panthers on their upset victory over the West Virginia Mountaineers last night. We have also been devoted fans of the Pittsburgh Panthers for seven days, and we appreciate their hard work and effort in defeating the number two team in the country.

Drew is a lucky little boy for the Buckeye's. Since his birth, Ohio State has played in every national championship game (twice in football, once in men's basketball). Maybe we can figure out how to win one?



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DAve & JAnie said...

Hello, I am a mom of a ci user too and we are awaiting her babyworn stuff... anyday now. It was has great to hear your opinion of using the product. Our daughter is a little older than your son I am gather (soon to be 2), so I hope the snugfit works as well for her as it did for you (her processor is alway dangling under her ear)! I agree that it will be annoying to not have the sound indicator as to when the coil falls off. I really rely on that beepy noise, although she is getting better at altering us herself.
Thanks again for the detailed post!

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Sorry guys - being in Louisiana we are die hard LSU Tiger football fans. Y'all can have the National Championship in basketball:)

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JMW: I know who you are and where you live!

Thanks for checking out Drew's blog.