Sunday, December 23

Author L.N. Cronk Finds Drew an Inspiration for Character in Novel "Pon, Pon"

Author L.N. Cronk lists the following on their website "favorites" page:
Young Drew was the youngest person in the state of Ohio to receive simultaneous, bilateral cochlear implants. I gathered much of my information for Lili's storyline in Pon, Pon from this site. Click here to keep up with Drew's progress!
Download a copy of Pon, Pon and take a look. Those familiar with this blog will notice references to my prior post concerning the similarities between bluetooth headsets for cell phones and cochlear implants, as well as to a mother's hope that her baby can hear her say "I love you".

This reminds me of the purpose with which we started this blog - to make sure that other families who felt "in the dark" about their newborn's hearing loss to have easy access to at least some of the options available to them. I find it very satisfying to know that Drew's story is continually helping others in some way, including as the inspiration for a fictional character.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised and pleased to find myself on your website! I started researching cochlear implants on and that's how I found you...this was last spring before Drew's surgery. I was extrememly impressed with the way you handled yourself on the forums. I had no idea about the controversy behind CI's and made sure I worked that into the story.

This book is self-published and I am always 'tweaking' my work...making it better whenever possible. If you see anything unrealistic or anything that needs to be changed, I welcome your feedback.

Merry Christmas and God bless your entire family!

Leeann Cronk

Jennifer said...

I was trying to get around to all my blogs yesterday to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I ran out of time. I hope yours was a wonderful one, all the were in my thoughts! :)
It's VERY cool that Drew and his family have been such an inspiration, although it's not a surprise...I know you have inspired me...I love hearing your thoughts. Keep up the great writing please! :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all and congratulations Drew for being the inspiration behind a character in a BOOK! It's only the begining mom and dad, who knows how far his impact will reach!