Thursday, April 19

Bluetooth Headset or Cochlear Implant?

For the past few years Bluetooth headsets have become more and more popular. They allow people to talk through their cell phone without holding it in their hand, and without frustrating wires getting in the way. This is because the mic rests on the user's ear and transmits wirelessly to the phone.

Some people think that these devices are extremely useful tools that allows them to make cell phone calls without the hassle of holding the phone or being tethered to a wire.
Others think that while they are useful tools, wearing it during lunch with friends, while playing with their kids, or to bed may project an image of arrogance or "full-of-themselvesness".
This debate, while interesting to me, is not the focus of this post.

It occured to me and Drew's Mom that with all of the Bluetooth-wearing people hustling and bustling around town, Drew's cochlear implants won't look as alien as they would have just a few years ago.

Once a bit older, all the neighborhood kids may even get jealous, perhaps assuming that Drew evidently has a cell phone and not one, but TWO "Bluetooth's" - and their stodgy parents won't even let them have their own phone yet.

Yep, I think I'll just tell all the kids that we love him so much that he gets to have two Bluetooth's.


Anonymous said...

Our neighbour said the exact same thing to us when we were trying to choose which device to go with. Tom doesn't have a behind the ear bit yet but his magnets have animal stickers on them - he is very attached to them.
Nicky xx- tom's mum

Jason said...


Now there's a coincidence - me and Tom's Mum feeling the need to comment here!

I think the manufacturers have been smart with their product design and certainly helped kids out with the whole identity thing that they're likely to face. Of course, there may also be long hair in Tom's future too..

Keep on writing guys

Jason (Tom's dad)

Anonymous said...

Actually, an adult saw Ethan recently and commented as he passed by us "your baby must really like phones". My husband and I were perplexed, until we realized that this adult thought that we had put a bluetooth phone on our baby.

MomtoToes said...

I love the Bluetooth analogy!

That is one reason we chose silver for Erin's equipment.

Great blog!


Nicole said...

Hi there!
Our son Aiden has a Cochlear Implant as well. My husband recently got a Bluetooth phone headset, and the funniest thing about it is that Aiden is SO interested in it! It is almost as if he thinks that his Dad has an implant too. Very cute :> I wish you the very best on your upcoming surgery date. I like the counter on your Blog!
Nicole (Aiden's mom: