Saturday, November 29

Seven Words?

Seven Words!

Yesterday as we were decorating for Christmas, Drew said, "I wanna go roll the ball outside." I stopped dead in my tracks and immediately finger counted the number of words in the phrase he had just said. Apparently Drew's Dad found it rather amazing as well, since we both yelled, "That was SEVEN words!," at the exact same time.

After we finished decorating the Christmas tree, hanging the stockings and mistletoe, we all headed upstairs for bedtime. As we walked, Drew turned and said, "Bye, Bye Christmas tree."

Drew has already learned so many "words" of the season: Merry Christmas, Jesus, Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa Claus. He is also learning to sing "Jingle Bells" and "Oh Christmas Tree." I just love it when he starts singing one of his little songs all on his own.

The holidays have always been my most favorite time of year, but two years ago we had a rather awful holiday season, having just found out about Drew's hearing loss. I wish there would have been a way back then to fast forward for a moment to see how Okay things would be. We are just loving sharing the sounds of the holiday season with Drew.


Kel said...

SEVEN! How incredible. What a truly blessed holiday this is for you guys.

AJ's Mom said...

Way to go Drew!!! Seven words is amazing :) And, we must not forget, way to go Drew's Mom & Dad!!

susannah said...

such an encouragement as we are a couple of years behind you! that is great!!

Karen Putz said...

Awesome! Here's to many more moments like that!