Sunday, November 30

Is There A Girl on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

We've had a very relaxing Sunday, as we wind down another Thanksgiving weekend. We spent the better part of the morning in our pajamas, and if it wasn't for needing milk, we may have never left the house all day. It is cold and raining, just another sign that winter is here.

After nap time, we ate a quick dinner and then have been watching the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots football game. We made hot chocolate and gathered in the living room together, watching football. The Pittsburgh Steelers were on defense, when we heard Drew say, "Oh No! She missed it!"

She missed it? Drew's Dad and I both paused for a minute, looking at each other a little stunned. As a replay was being shown, we again heard Drew say, "Oh No! She missed it!"

As we watched the replay we realized that Troy Polamalu was the player that had just missed catching an errant pass for an interception.

Drew was calling Troy Polamalu "she" because of his long hair hanging below his helmet! Hilarious.

I've never been a fan of NFL players having long hair. Maybe being called a girl by a two year old will make some of these guys think about their hair style.


Laurie said...

That is funny! I've never been a fan of long hair on boys/men either. When our son was a teenager, my husband finally told our son to cut his hair because it was interfering with his conversation with his mother (me) because I couldn't read his lips!

leahlefler said...

Actually, the first thing I thought when I read this post was: "Wow- he's using pronouns already?!" LOL.

Maybe Drew will inspire a few haircuts in the NFL!

tammy said...

That's hilarious! I love how Drew is so into football even realizing and caring that "she" missed the ball!

Drew's Mom said...

Leah: I guess we didn't think the use of "she" was that amazing, since he has been doing this for a while. He always is labeling things!

Tammy: Drew loves all things sports! He will cheer when players are running with the ball, or say "Oh, No! Missed it!" when they drop a pass. He actually cried the other day when we turned off Sportscenter!

Jennifer said...

I laughed out loud, then I read it to my son and my husband. Your little one is a hoot! He will laugh at that story someday! :)

Karen Putz said...

This cracked me up! I just gave my youngest son a haircut because his hair was touching his shoulders in the back. I definitely didn't want the "Polamalu look!"