Tuesday, November 11

One, Two, Three, Four, Seven

Drew is learning to count, and is doing quite well! Our primary therapist says that counting is a skill usually learned around the age of three, but we are going to start working on this now. At his most recent therapy session he was counting on every task we worked on, so he has shown a clear interest which is why she wants to go ahead and work on this skill now.

Often Drew will be playing by himself and I will over hear, "Oooone. Twoooo. Threeeeeee. Fooooour. Seven." It is hilarious, and makes me smile and laugh every time. He will count coasters, M & M's, balls, leaves. It really doesn't matter, he will count anything he can find, and he really enjoys it.

Drew continues to progress well, now talking regularly in three word phrases/sentences. He often says "I don't wan it," when referring to his dinner, or "I wanna go downstairs," telling me he wants to play with his sister. He has several phrases he uses on a regular basis, and it is becoming easier and easier to not only understand his needs, but understand his language.

We are having so much fun with this. I am forever thankful that I have learned to truly appreciate this gift. It is so fun hearing him talk, and each day we find him saying something new. I'm just so thankful that life is this normal, and that I don't take it for granted.


Kel said...

You know, I read your blog because my younger son is getting CIs, hopefully as young (or almost as young) as Drew did. It never ceases to amaze me, however, how similar Drew is to my (fully hearing) two year old - including, maybe especially, in his speech! Eric does the same counting practice, he'll find anything and everything to count. "Ooone. Twoooo. Oooone Twoooo. Five! Six! Seven! Nine! YAY!"

tammy said...

First let me say, WAY TO GO DREW! I truly admire all the hard work you and Drew's dad have put into Drew's listening and speaking ... and it shows through all the wonderful stories you have shared with all of us. Throughout our journey, Drew has provided us hope, faith, and lots of smiles. Add this one to the books! Thanks so much for sharing!