Friday, November 14

Meet Me in St. Louis?

I mailed our registration today for the Parent Summer Workshop at The Moog Center for Deaf Education. This program, Helping Your Child Learn to Talk, runs from July 15 -19, 2009 at the Moog Center in St. Louis, MO.

We are really excited to return to Moog. It will be nearly three years, when the conference rolls around, since our last visit. We were in such a different place emotionally when we were last there. Having just learned of Drew's profound hearing loss hours before, we toured the school and talked with the director, and left with the hope we needed to carry on. I will be forever grateful for the information and direction they provided us in some of the darkest days of this journey.

I'm also really excited to show off our little guy and get an "outside" evaluation, from one of the top Oral Deaf Education program's in the country. I'm hoping they see him as the CI Superstar we do.


Kel said...

How super! Moog is an awesome place and I loved our tour earlier in the year. I will have to look into this workshop and maybe attend myself!

MB said...

Sounds cool! We are debating John Tracy. Can't decide if we should go this summer or wait until she's older. (Unfortunately it will probably come down to my work schedule and when they schedule summer school in our county.)