Friday, October 17

Blog Call

So, it seems that I have gotten a bit behind in keeping my Blog Roll up-to-date. I know of many families that have left comments and have blogs, but I have failed to list you in the Blog Roll on the right of the screen.

Please take a moment to look and see if your blog is listed. If not, and you would like to be, please leave me a comment and I will add you ASAP!


Colin said...

Nice blog. I'm becoming quite interested in children’s blogs. As an adult I have enjoyed 41 years of perfect until it was quickly snatched from me earlier this year. I'm bi-lateral and just about to have my first implant from April 20, removed and a new implant inserted. Life’s like that, enjoy what you have and even on a bad think of the privilege of hearing and overhearing and listening and focusing your attention.
Cochlear implants are surely a miracle; natural hearing is an incomprehensible gift.

You are welcome to add my blog to your page. Maybe you will be interested to know how CI removal and re-implantation goes for me.

I have published your comment on my blog.
Kind regards

Kel said...

I'll sign up. I've been reading for a while and comment here and there. I have been very grateful for your blog; it was the first I found in the CI world, and I have learned so much as we go toward CIs for our son. I'm hoping he gets to follow Drew's example, bilaterally implanted before 12 months.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for listing my blog! I need to post on it a bit more often! :)

Christian's Mommy said...

What a cool widget...I need to update my blogroll on our page too. You're always so on top of cool stuff like that :)

You can cross-list ours as well :)

Landry said...

Dear "Drew's Mommy,"

Your blog has been so helpful to my Mommy and Daddy and they'd be happy to share my story with other people who visit your blog!


Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

Hi Jenny, Kauan's new blog is I haven't been able to write a lot yet, but soon I will post a lot of good news!! :)
We talk soon ;)

avtcoach said...

I came to your site from Gavin Hears a Who, what a nice blog you have, look forward to reading more.

AJ's Mom said...

Hi there,

Please feel free to list our blog on your site. Your blog has been such a help to us. We'd love to share AJ's story with others.

AJ & His Mommy & Daddy

Bright Family said...

Oh, I thought you were just leaving us off intentionally since we have a "Go Blue" picture at the top of our blog :)

Please add us if you'd like :)

misskri said...

Hi Drew's Mom and Dad~
Your blog is terrific~ I have been reading it for some time now and enjoy all the information you provide. Your blog is where I read about the AG Bell Conference last year...we enjoyed it so much we are attending again this year. Hopefully we will see you there.
You can add Thomas' blog to your list! i am hoping to add a blog list to Thomas' soon~
Thanks again

Lucas'Mommy said...

Your blog has been a wonderful resource to us also. Please feel free to include Lucas' blog.

Thanks! Jen