Tuesday, October 28

Our First Cochlear Implant Ear Infection

It's been a long time coming, but Drew's first ear infection has popped up. Yesterday he was pointing to his ear saying "Ow, ear". He continued to say this in the morning, and so after a trip to the pediatrician, we found Drew has his first ear infection.

Our cochlear implant surgeon had told us before Drew's surgery that should he ever have an ear infection, to contact him immediately to head off any problems the infection could cause with Drew's implants.

It turns out that our surgeon wants to treat the infection more aggressively than the pediatrician would (for good reason). We got a higher-powered antibiotic and it was prescribed for twice as long.

Drew seems to be doing OK right now (playing with his hockey puck and watching Little Bear), but I'm going to keep my eye on him.

As a side note, I recall having multiple ear infections as a child. Much of those memories is focused on the pain and pressure of the ear infections, but I also remember how it sounded as if you were underwater, hardly able to hear.

With Drew, of course, his hearing is not affected at all by this ear infection. Rather, he only feels the pressure building up on his swollen eardrum. I just thought this was interesting since having an ear infection usually brings such a drastic loss of hearing ability...but not for our CI guy.


Sunny said...

'Just passin thru'
So sorry re children....
Do hope things will improve....
We have MUCH Glue ear too!
They seem to think is due to sprays on cereals....
If you wish to see other pics
my other BLOG is
as when @ the library can't download many pics.....
It's so cold today
above freezing but wind chill awful..
Here we were still waiting for a summer that didn't happen!
Se la vie.....
and rember HIS name is also LOVE...

Bill and Shelly said...

Allison had her 1st ear infection the week of the power outage. She got the extra powerful medicine also. The thing is she never really complained about her ear, but it was her throat that hurt her.
Glad Drew is feeling better.
One of these months I will get up to the support group and see everyone.
Take care,