Monday, October 27

It Came and Went

Yesterday was October 26. Exactly two years after Drew's Hearing Loss diagnosis. Last year the anniversary struck me rather hard, but this year I barely remembered. I guess that is what happens when life is just plain good.

There are still times, even after two years, that I get sad. Mainly only when I think about the fact that it is not fair that Drew's life will be harder in the future as a result of his hearing loss. I worry about him being teased, or that school or the dreaded teenage years will be harder for him than a hearing child. But overall, I am ecstatic with where we find ourselves two years post diagnosis. Who knew that my deaf little boy would be learning to talk and communicate so well?

Some of my favorite, and not so favorite, things Drew has said recently:
  • "I'll get it," when referring to his ball that rolled under the TV stand.
  • "I don't want it," when referring to his dinner. If dinner is a bunch of carbs, no problem. Any veggies? "I don't want it!"
  • "No! Brown shoes!" Letting Mommy know that he doesn't want to wear his tennis shoes.
  • "Kiss. All better," as he makes me kiss his legs, arms, head, any body part.
  • "Love you, Mommy." It's taken a while, but it melts my heart. I nearly cry every time I hear him say it.
  • "Yeah, Baby!" He sounds like Austin Powers when he says this, anytime he is happy about something.


Laurie said...

Aw! Love his sentences! They made me smile because I could picture him doing the things you mentioned!

Don't be sad about his "anniversary." Times are changing and by the time he is in school, people will be more accepting of those who can't hear or have other disabilities. Life is hard for any kid growing up, whether they have a disability or not. Drew will be fine. . .he has a great family and support system!

Christian's Mommy said...

You have to get "Yeah, Baby" on video!

Two weeks ago was our 1st year anniversary of Christian's diagnosis, and I went through all the emotions of that day all over again. Having someone look you in the eyes and tell you something is wrong with your child is so heartbreaking. Hopefully next year, I won't dwell on it and be able to post some of Christian's silly words too!

Vivie said...

LOVED the 'Yeah Baby' made me crack up!!