Thursday, October 16

Jan Brett

We were turned on to the author Jan Brett at the Navigating Your Child's Future workshop we attended this month. It is important to share a favorite author with your child, as you can look for similarities and differences between the books, which provides a wonderful language opportunity.

As I was researching different authors which were suggested, I especially like Jan Brett's website, because there are so many activities that go along with her books. You can print puzzles, drawing activities, masks, flashcards, board games, matching games, just to name a few. So, while reading the books, you can give your child an activity to do that will further enrich the reading experience!

It reminds me a lot of the excellent Hearing Journey resource.

Additional authors which were suggested include: Eric Carle, Ted Arnold and Mercer Mayer.


leahlefler said...

I LOVE Jan Brett! Her illustrations are so gorgeous. I've used the letter print-outs from her website for my older little guy. I also love Eric Carle, but I'll have to check out the other two authors. Books are so much fun!

kim said...

I've always loved all those authors and Audrey and Don Woods too. I had no idea childrens' authors now included activity pages to go along with their books. What a cool idea!! I don't have little ones anymore, but it's nice to know. I'll pass it on to library patrons when they come in.