Wednesday, January 5

Yogi Bear

I took the kids to see the new Yogi Bear movie over the holidays. While I can't say I enjoyed the movie, the kids certainly did. They were very entertained by Yogi and Boo-Boo, and it was a nice way for me to keep they from fighting with each other, at least for a couple of hours.

It continues to amaze me how well Drew can hear with his cochlear implants. When Drew has difficulty hearing, you can always tell by his behavior. For instance, our experience with Mother's Day dinner. Drew will generally talk a lot, and out of turn, or not pay attention to what is going on, or get really jumpy/rambunctious, when he can't hear well, which honestly is not all that often. Case in point, the movie. He paid attention the whole time. A few times, I heard him laughing, which meant that he clearly found Yogi or Boo-Boo's words or actions funny. He would whisper things to me like, "He's a bad guy," or "Mom, they said a bad word."

Drew was engaged in the entire movie. No captions, no special listening device. Just a little boy and his two CI's.


misskri said...

We had the same experience over at the movies. We were asked if we wanted the headphones and I declined (he used them before..didnt care for it).
I watched most of the movie but at times I would glance over at Thomas who looked adorable with his 3D glasses on paying such close attention to the movie.
On our way to lunch he and Jonathan discussed the movie. I was amazed at how many lines he remembered..word for word!
Love it!!!

Bill and Shelly said...

Had the same experience with Allison when we went and saw Tangled.
It was wonderful to hear her tell her daddy everything that happeneda and even said, "it was funny when he said......."
Love the miracle of CI's