Sunday, January 23

Handwritting 101

If you happened to catch the CBS Sunday Morning Show, you may have caught a glimpse of our daughters classmates. A feature on Handwriting in the 21st Century was filmed at her school over the past week. The story is actually quite interesting; in the age of text messaging and email, should penmanship be taught in school?

I found the part of the piece most interesting where they spoke of story development by children when writing by hand versus using a computer. Studies show that children are far more expressive when using a computer, maybe because it is easier to type than write by hand.

If you didn't see the story, head on over to the CBS Website to check it out. It was very interesting.


Anonymous said...


I wondered if you guys saw this great article:

Drew is getting so big!

lisa h. said... my daughter is in Walther's class...a friend emailed me your blog cause her daughter just got cochlear implants last month and she wondered if I knew crazy! you must be in lenaghers class? my daughter is Calder.

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