Saturday, January 8


Drew's first week back to school after the holiday has been exhausting for the little guy! Come Friday morning, he asked to stay in bed and then he wasn't able to do anything without crying. Get his coat on? Nope. Brush his teeth? Nope, that brought on tears too. It really showed us just how exhausting it is for the little guy to be at school for a full day, every day of the week.

Drew really loves his teacher. On Wednesday, as we were driving home, he told me how pretty his teacher looked. I thought it was so sweet, and who doesn't want to hear that they look pretty?! So, I told him that his teacher might enjoy hearing him say that, so off he went to school on Thursday to tell his teacher how pretty she looked.

We're back into the swing of things around here following the wonderful time we all had together during the holidays. In some ways, I'd love to have another full week of having us all off work and school, but it others, it is nice to return to our routine. Bring on week 2 of 2011!

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Lisa said...

Hi- just found your blog on deaf village- LOVE the title... it caught my eye because we are always saying to "turn on" our daughters ears! :) my daughter, Zoe, was born in Septemebr 2007 with severe to profound bilateral hearing loss. She wears hearing aids- we have not made a decision on whether CI surgery is right for her yet. I would love for you to follow my blog too!! Drew is a cutie by the way! :)