Monday, January 3


Santa was very good to Drew and his sister this year. Not so good for Mommy and Daddy, but defiantly good for the kids. When the lovely Toys R Us catalog came out in November, the spotted drums and began asking for them immediately. I told them that they must be crazy if they thought I would buy them drums, but they got the best of me by asking Santa for the drums. So, at 6 AM on Christmas morning, you could hear, probably throughout the neighborhood, the sound of this little guy, and his sister, banging away on their new drums.

The drums are actually awesome. Not-so-much the morning wake up calls with the drums, but watching the two of them create music is really fun. They bang the drum sticks together and scream "a one, a two, a one, two, three, four" and then bang, ahem, I mean, drum away.

Drew loves it. He can hear it. And we're all enjoying what Santa dropped off at our home.


leah said...

I think I wouldn't mind drums too much in our house. On the other hand, I have a very early riser (Matt gets up around 5am). That is a very cool drum set!

Laurie said...

At least you know where your children are! :-) We have a "drummer boy" too and I have always enjoyed hearing him and his friends play. And be able to turn "off" my "ears" when I wanted some peace and quiet!