Sunday, January 3


I just looked up at that little ticker that tracks the "age" of Drew's hearing and it says 2 years 6 months. Wow! My little guy has been hearing for 2 1/2 years. Two and a half fabulous years of hearing for a little guy that is profoundly deaf.

I don't really remember if I had an exact idea of how this whole "cochlear implant thing" would turn out. I certainly knew that Drew would be able to hear something if we gave him cochlear implants. I certainly knew that Drew would be able to learn to listen over time. I certainly knew that when we chose to implant him we were giving him the best opportunity to learn to talk.

But I don't think, even in my most wild of dreams about Drew's future, that I even envisioned the past 2 1/2 years playing out the way that they have. A little boy that loves his ears. A little boy that communicates all of his needs verbally (and Drew has a lot of needs!). A little boy that tells "Knock, Knock" jokes with his sister. A little boy that sings Christmas Carols with his grandparents. A little boy that hears the church bells ring, the roar of a lion, the "I love you" whispers from me.

I am just so, so thankful. So thankful that Drew's Dad and I made the choices that we did when we learned of Drew's deafness. So thankful for a smart, hardworking little boy that has spent more time in therapy than on a playground. So thankful for the team of professionals that have guided us. So thankful for the technology that has given Drew not only the gift of hearing, but the gift of a lifetime of endless opportunities.

Two and a half years. Wow!


Laura's medical journey said...

thats brilliant! he seems to have to come a long way since he got his implant! you have more hearing things ahead of you!

leah said...

Happy 2 1/2 year hearing birthday, Drew! You continue to rock the world of listening, singing, joking, and loving the world around you. Rock on!

Alex said...

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