Sunday, January 24


Drew is probably going to look back on this blog one day and be so embarrassed at the things I write. And while that is not my intention, the things he says are just too funny not to mention.

As Drew was going potty the other day, I stood outside of the bathroom door. Drew always demands "privacy" while doing his business, and as any mother would, I happily obliged. So, as I stood there, waiting and waiting, I over-hear Drew say, "Come on poopy! You can do it. Come. Out. Poopy! Ahh, that's better. Mom, I'm all done!"

Hilarious. As I opened the door to my smiling little boy, proud as could be that he "did it", I just thought about how amazing he truly is. He uses his words for everything. He talks to himself. Just like I would (although I won't admit to talking to myself as I do my business). Just as you would. Just as every hearing person in this world does. It is just natural. And I am so, so thankful and so proud of him.


leah said...

I love it. That "self talk" is so wonderful to hear (even if he is coaching his own toilet time, lol)!

I was thinking about "privacy" the other day, and was thinking that I am so grateful that Nolan won't ever be dependent on an interpreter to relay his every thought to the 99% of the population that is hearing. Our little boy will always be able to speak for himself, which is no small thing.

Melanie said...

Love it.

JayBee* said...

love it. so awesome. and so stinking cute.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

He just cracks me up. These boys are hilarious!

Alex said...

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