Saturday, January 9


Recently, and regularly, heard around our house...

[While shooting basketballs in his new hoop]: "Clap for me Mom! No, not like that! Clap louder!"

"Tell me you love me and I will laugh!" [I say, "I love you Drew."] "Haaaaa!!"

[Flushing the toilet]: "Bye, bye poopy! My poopy goes down, down, down!"

"Open it! Open it! Open it!" Referring to his bedroom door each morning. He wakes, and lays in his crib saying this, over and over, getting a little louder each time until we finally get him up for the day. The crazy thing is that his ears are off during this time.

[After having a tantrum]: "I want to squeeze your nose, then I will feel better."

"I wanna play the Wii! I wanna play basketball! I wanna play swords! I'm the best! I'm the Drewsie Man!"

"Mom, I'm not the Drewsie Man anymore. I'm just going to be Drewsie."

"Can we go Chuck E Cheese? Today? Tomorrow?"

He's a really funny little boy. That really likes to talk. A lot.


Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice post.

leah said...

Haha- "I want to squeeze your nose, then I will feel better." I love that one! If only we could all pinch someone's nose when we were frustrated to feel better. Drew is hilarious.

Alex said...

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