Tuesday, December 30

Drew and His Sister Playing at COSI

After the holiday, we have been going a bit stir crazy at home, and the mess is still beyond annoying, so I decided to take the kids to COSI today. Despite the fact that it was incredibly busy, we had a very fun day. The Sesame Street Exhibit was awesome, and the morning was enough to wear the kids out for an excellent afternoon nap!

It is amazing to me how much Drew has grown and changed, in so many ways, since our last trip. I'm so excited that we received a membership for Christmas, so now we can go to COSI whenever we want! Enjoy the video!

Drew absolutely loved the rat basketball. He probably could have watched them make baskets all day. Every time the rats would make a basket he would say, "Made it again," or "dunked it" or "see that?" It was awesome!

As a side note, I am loving my new Flip! camera. Thanks to this Mom for recommending it! It is so easy to trim and edit videos, and make a movie. I love it!


MB said...

When I saw your facebook status I thought you meant you were at Cosi the sandwich place!! This makes much more sense. ;)

tammy said...

They are so cute! I've never heard of COSI before, I was wondering what you were talking about on your Facebook yesterday! Very neat place! I loved all the AVT opportunities just screaming out! : ) Aren't the Flips great! I just need to find the time to edit & download the videos now!