Monday, December 15

Conversation with Santa

We took Drew and his sister to visit Santa this weekend.

In the days leading up, we practiced very hard with Drew:

Mommy: "What toy do you want for Christmas?"

Drew: "Biiiig train. Blue train." He decided on this by himself. Mommy did not help or give ideas at all. Very cool.

Mommy: "OK, Drew. When you sit on Santa's lap, tell him you want a big blue train."

Drew: "Okay."

Drew immediately warmed up to Jolly Old St. Nick. He walked right up to him, sat on his lap and gladly took a sucker from Santa. In fact, Drew enjoyed the sucker he was given so much that he lost all interest in Santa! All he wanted to do was unwrap and eat the sucker, and he forgot to ask Santa for any toys! When I tried to help him, he had no interest and kept saying, "sucker. SUCKER!"

So, it didn't go exactly as planned. But it was so fun to see Drew talking just like every other two year old visiting Santa. This is so much better than our previous Jingle Bell Experience.

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