Saturday, December 6

Christmas Cards

As I was relaxing last night, winding down from a long week of work, I saw an advertisement on TV for Hallmark. They have a line of cards this holiday season, where you can record a message in the card! I immediately thought that this would make a wonderful Christmas present for Drew's therapists and surgeon! I think it is wonderful that we can record his sweet voice today, and then look back on it for years to come. I just know that his therapists and doctor are going to love it!

Hallmark was also advertising Christmas ornaments where you can record your child's voice! I am going to start a tradition of buying one of these each year for my children, and then as they grow we can see how their little voices and language develop and change over the years! I am so happy that we live in a time of such technology, and we are able to keep videos, ornaments, holiday cards, etc. with our kids ever-changing voices!

Also, feel free to try SendOutCards this holiday season. You can make custom photo pictures (printed in your own handwriting!) and they are printed, stamped and mailed automatically from your computer. We've been using it all this year and always get comments on how amazing our thank you cards or birthday cards are. We ar excited to send out Christmas cards this year to see how people like it. Try sending a test card for free by clicking here.


leahlefler said...

That is a GREAT idea! THe Christmas card for the boys' SLP and the oranments for us (g).

There is nothing better than hearing those sweet voices every day.

Anonymous said...
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tammy said...

I LOVE this idea! Although Aiden isn't really "talking" yet, how wonderful will it be for next Christmas for his therapists & surgeon to hear him say "Merry Christmas" (or something similar *SMILE*)!

Lisa said...

I saw this commercial and thought the same thing! Snapfish also has a recordable card that you can design with your photos.
Mom to Brendan